Welcome to White Gorilla Press. We are proud to announce the publication of our fourth title, Zeller’s Alley, by B. Diehl. The book is available for purchase online at Amazon. A neurotic poet from Phillipsburg, NJ, B. dissects heartbreak and the life of the artist in the social media age in his work, finding humor in the pathos and clarity in the pain. Check him out on Twitter @iambrandondiehl.

“B. Diehl isn’t just writing phenomenal poetry. He’s using a sledgehammer to break apart a wall so you can look into his room.”
– Bud Smith, author of F250 and Everything Neon

“B. Diehl’s Zeller’s Alley is a gritty, scuffed-knuckle brawl with loss and depression, one written with intention and determination, and punctuated with surprising lines that can both delight and disgust. These angst-filled poems mask the wounded heart beneath them as they beg the heavens for answers–answers that are not coming–and ask the reader to sit up and take notice of this bold and tortured first collection.”
– Hosho McCreesh, author of A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst and For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed…

“I dig that B. writes about everything in his life. He knows poetry is in all things. I also dig the mixture of darkness and levity. These poems at times are mental cartwheels in the existential trenches.”
– Rob Plath, author of Death Is Dead and There’s a Fist Dunked in Blood Beating in My Chest

The first three WGP titles, Dave Newman’s The Slaughterhouse Poems and his second full-length collection The Poem Factory, as well as Sarah Shotland’s brilliant debut novel Junkette are all available on Amazon.com.

Finally, if you would like to request review copies, place a bulk order, or voice any complaints (relevant or otherwise), feel free to send an e-mail along to editor@whitegorillapress.com. Thanks for your interest and support.